Monday, April 1, 2013

Hipsterocracy Catches Up With: Kenley Collins of Project Runway and Jet Black Bullseye

Kenley Collins is a true renaissance woman. She's an internationally acclaimed fashion designer, model, reality TV star, and musician. Hipsterocracy had a chance to catch up with the former star of Project Runway to see what the fuck she's been up to these days.

Hipsterocracy: You’re known to the masses as every hipsters favorite designer on “Project Runway” and “Project Runway All-Stars” but only a few of us knew about your burgeoning music career. Tell us a bit about “Jet Black Bullseye”.

Kenley Collins: Ha! I didn't know that, but that's nice! Jetblack Bullseye started in 2010, when I decided to take a break from fashion design and get inspired in new ways. I was bartending at the time and needed a creative side project. I've always loved singing from being in high school musicals and hosting karaoke, so my boyfriend at the time, who sang in the band, Death Threat for 15 years, encouraged me and helped me start the band. I wanted it to be a very simple rock band with 60's girl group influences, as well as rockabilly and soul, of course.

H: Choose one: Music or Fashion?

KC: I must have both, but fashion is my career while music, for now, is a hobby. If it were up to me, I'd love to get paid for music!
H: Last year in an interview with some blog that no one reads, Project Runway’s fashion consultant, Tim Gunn called you “belligerent”. Your thoughts?

KC: Haha! Yea, well he's an asshole!
H: Let’s say reality TV comes a callin’ once more. Do you answer the door?

KC: Under very different circumstances and pay, maybe.
H: What is your most hipster possession?

KC: My 1950's black lace wiggle dress
H: In a totally hypothetical future, the government controls all of our musical habits. The bastards limit iPods to 5 songs, but they can be whatever you like. What are yours?

Blue Angel (Cyndi Lauper) - Maybe He'll Know
Operation Ivy - Sound System
Skeeter Davis - The End of the World
Wanda Jackson - Funnel of Love
Against Me! - The Politics of Starving

H: By now it’s obvious that the hipster apocalypse is upon us. Do you fill up on gas, guns, and gold and head to the mountains or do you decide to drive to the record store, pick up some Johnny Cash on vinyl and enjoy it?

KC: Haha! I don't have a record player, believe it or not, but listening to Johnny Cash seems like the best thing to do always.
H: What’s next? 

KC: The Pink Lady Line out May 1st on
Buy the Jetblack Bullseye album. 


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