Sick Joke - Extended Trailer

The extended trailer for TV show Sick Joke starring Anousha Hutton and Johnny Taylor with special guest Jon Schnepp.

Sick Joke isn’t a traditional talk show. It’s a dark commentary for dark times. Stand-up comedian, social media personality, and aging hipster Johnny Taylor co-hosts the show with photographer, medium, and witchy brit, Anousha Hutton from a creepy Addams Family-esque victorian house; welcoming comedians, actors, politicians and more to have an in-depth but non-traditional conversation about current events in a horror film-type atmosphere.

The setting will be dark and with a cinematic feel. The content will be relevant and hilarious but in the hosts’ trademark dry and sardonic style.

It’s a comedy show.

I promise.

It is.

Anousha Hutton - Host

Johnny Taylor - Host

Jon Schnepp - Guest

Galen Howard - Show Announcer/Talent Wrangler

Director of Photography - Garret Stone

Make up - Samantha Ward

Anousha Hutton Wardrobe - Yvette Curtis

Johnny Taylor wardrobe - Night Channels

Special thanks to The Curtis Family, Victorian Depot

Johnny Taylor